people like grapes


do u know how fucking sick i am of people telling me theyre not leaving me then do exactly that a few seconds later wow fuck


I want to talk to you but my face

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  • 1: where you lost your virginity
  • 2: name all the guys you kissed over the summer
  • 3: are you dating anyone
  • 4: have you ever been depressed
  • 5: ever kissed a girl
  • 6: last time you had sex
  • 7: ever been pregnant
  • 8: do you consider yourself a bad person
  • 9: tell us a drunk story
  • 10: tell us about your first love
  • 11: tell us about your ex boyfriend
  • 12: ever drank alcohol or done drugs
  • 13: favourite sex position
  • 14: longest relationship
  • 15: biggest regret
  • 16: ever cheated
  • 17: ever been cheated on
  • 18: ever broke someones heart

"fucking idiot"

me to me (via guy)

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"I just hope you still want me a little."

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